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Cross Cultural, Food and Specialty Marketing...

For the past 5 years…

I have been immersed in multicultural marketing in the wonderfully diverse city of Chicago. I freelance for a boutique marketing agency, GT Universe, who taught me everything I know about truly being authentic in your work. From planning the first ever Taste of Kosher in Chicagoland to being a part of the 25th Annual Black Women’s Expo, I’ve had a multitude of opportunities to learn from and contribute to the success of my marketing strategies and experiences.

If you lead your work with passion, then it’s easy to be authentic. Having been a world traveler since the age of 10 (thanks to my family), growing up around the best food and restaurants (big shout out to Chicago), and continuing the travels and love of food and culture throughout my life, I would say translating this into work is seamless.

We also recently moved from the city of Philadelphia to the West Coast. Traveling across America and living on two different coasts, my knowledge of food and culture is even more diverse, and I am so appreciative of every thing that I’ve experienced. Chicago raised me, Philadelphia made me stronger, and I am sure that I can bring those perspectives into the California lifestyle!

If you want to talk anything food-related, events happening in Southern California, cultural cuisine, the new, hottest spots, the hole-in-the-wall that you’ve been going to for years, or more, feel free to reach out!

I am sure we can collaborate on anything to make it the campaign, program, or event of your dreams!