Pizza Gutt

Disclaimer: this was written before Pizza Gutt got his own storefront, Circles and Squares.


We haven't had much Detroit-Style pizza to compare to others, but that doesn't matter, because Daniel Gutter's Detroit-Style pizza is some of the best pizza we've ever had the pleasure of eating, ever. 

Known as "Instagram's Only Pizza Shop" Pizza Gutt has a unique way of doing things, but the pizzas, and that caramelized, cheesy, crunchy crust, are so worth it. Here's the low-down on how to get your hands on one of these squares! 

  1. Check his Insta @pizzagutt Sundays-Tuesdays

  2. He posts the new menu as well as a link to sign up to reserve your pie

  3. Fill your name during a time slot that you want to come in, how many pizzas and what kind

    1. This way they can save a pie for you

  4. Go to W/N W/N Coffee Bar during your signed up day and time, tell the bartenders/servers that you reserved some pies, and the rest is history

Also, the cocktails are amazing, and the bartenders are super nice, get a little saucy with that amazingly saucy pizza! 

P.S., we personally prefer the red sauced pies to the non-red sauced pies, if that helps you with your decision!