We were ecstatic when we found out a ramen joint was opening up on Main Street in Manayunk, as there are not many options for ramen in the area!  When it gets cold out, hot soup is what we crave!

@Ramen keeps their menu short and simple, but we really like it. The founder, Jason, has a great track record with restaurants such as Jason's Toridasu in Ardmore (and now open on City Avenue), Diner at Manayunk, and he has a lot of other expansions in the works too!

Whenever we need some soul-warming soup, our go to is @Ramen. Check out some pictures below! 

In the front, spicy tan tan ramen. Subbed in green kale noodles for an additional .$75. And in the back is the vegetarian mushroom ramen, also subbed in kale noodles.