Andy's Chicken

3 Letters, KFC.

And no, we aren't talking the KFC you're probably thinking, we're talking the realest fried chicken out there, Korean Fried Chicken.

Andy's does it right from only using fresh chicken and cutting it up daily, meaning when they run out for the day, that's it, to making all 6 sauces and the kimchi by hand (not to mention with Andy's Korean mother), to double frying their chicken. Every element comes together to make the best, juiciest most indulgent meal! 

They also have a nice selection of homemade rice dishes like bulgogi, spicy pork and kimchi pork topped with egg. The meats here were very tender and flavorful. Surprised by how good the bulgogi was! 

Our favorite sauce in order goes like this: hot and spicy, sweet BBQ, sweet chili, cajun, honey garlic, golden soy. If you can't tell, we're heat seekers. These all aren't too spicy, but very flavorful! If you're unsure, we'd say go with the fan favorites-sweet chili or honey garlic! 

Check out some highlights photos below!!!