Piero's PizzaVino

It is kind of hard to find good pizza in the Palm Springs area. And we have been searching. Keep in mind, we moved out west from Philadelphia, and well, Philadelphia, I miss your pizza. They’ve got Pizzeria Beddia, Circles and Squares (formerly Pizza Gutt), Tacconelli’s, Pizzeria Vetri, Square Pie, the list goes on. Any pizza craving you desire, you will be satisfied in Philly.

Here, there’s pretty much Domino-style pizzas, and that’s that. You’ll find the occasional Chicago-style (which we love), but sometimes you just need that thin crust, slightly chewy, slightly floppy, saucy, cheesy pie. And while Piero’s isn’t quite that, I will tell you, they make one of the best pizzas in the valley that we’ve tried to date.

They do a Neapolitan pizza, using special flour, special pizza ovens from Naples, Italian tomatoes, you get it. And the results are pretty delicious. Not only is the pizza good, but so were the appetizers we tried. The pasta dishes that buzzed passed our table looked quite enticing. Plus, all night happy hour (in the summer, must confirm their happy hour times during busy season), we think we found our desert pizza oasis!